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How to pass.
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Well done Ashley Sales. Passed his driving test 15th September2014

The driving test will last about 35-40 minutes.

    • You will need to pass the eyesight test. Read a number plate from 20 metres.
    • You will start with 1 vehicle safety question.
  • You will be expected to drive on various roads, in various traffic conditions.
  • There will be approx. 20 minutes independent driving.
  • You will need to do 1 reversing manoeuvre, and possibly an emergency stop.
  • 1 vehicle safety question on the move, (operating an auxiliary control).
  • Stay safe, legal and in control.
  • With the right preparation you will be able to pass.

You will pass the driving test if you get less than 15 minor faults, and no serious or dangerous faults.

Be prepared. Make sure you are well practiced in every area of driving- manoeuvres, junctions roundabouts, dual carriageways, meeting situations, independent driving etc. Remember your mirror signal manoeuvre routine.

Be aware and anticipate hazards. Show forward planning and awareness. If you feel unsure on an area of your driving talk, to your driving instructor, and practice some more. Ask your driving instructor to carry out a mock test.

The reversing manoeuvre will be one of the following:

  • Pull up on the right hand side and reverse.
  • Parallel  park.
  • Bay park.(Reverse).
  • Bay park. (Forward).

When you do your reversing manoeuvre ensure you make good observations, at all times and keep in  full control.

You will be told your result at the end of the driving test. Good luck. If you pass your driving test your Full Licence can be sent to you automatically.

Your Driving instructor Folkestone and Dover should be able to prepare for your big day.

If you live in the Folkestone, Dover or Hythe areas you will probably being taking your driving test, at the Folkestone driving test centre. Your driving instructor Folkestone, Dover or Hythe will know where this is and be able to guide you on the day and show you how to access and exit, where to park and the waiting room.

Here is the DVSA official  You Tube Video. Practical Driving Test,  are you ready?

Are you ready for your driving test ? We can do an assessment driving lesson to identify any areas you may need to improve.

Trevor Brenton -Driving instructor Folkestone has been helping people pass their driving test for over 5 years. Many first time!

Your Freedom starts here. Call Trevor driving instructor Folkestone and Dover. On 07775 794661 to start your driving lessons.

When you are ready, the driving test can be taken in the driving school car or if you prefer your own car. If you want to take the driving test in your own car click for the rules.

To read the DVSA overview of the driving test click

To book your practical driving test click

Show Me Safety Questions.

You will be asked to do one of the following whilst on the move.

  1. Operate front windscreen wash.
  2. Operate rear screen wash.
  3. Switch on headlights.
  4. Open side window.
  5. Use the horn.
  6. Turn on front demister.

Turn on heated rear screen.

 Tell Me Safety Questions

You will be asked 1 of the following questions at the start of your driving test. If unsure check with your driving instructor.

Some of these questions may require you to turn the ignition on, however avoid starting the engine until questions are completed and ready to start driving.

  • 1. Tell me how you would check the power steering is working before starting a journey?
  • Answer- Explain/demonstrate the steering will feel heavy before the engine is turned on, but become lighter when the engine is turned on. 
  • 2. Open the bonnet, identify and explain how you would check oil level ?
  • Answer-open the bonnet (avoid touching anything if it is hot) show where the dipstick is, and explain the  dipstick should be  wiped clean and the check oil level against min/max marks.
  • 3. Open the bonnet and identify where you would check the coolant level ?
  • Answer- open the bonnet identify the coolant header tank and min/max indicators. CAUTION DO NOT TOUCH OR OPEN IF HOT!
  • 4.Open the bonnet and identify brake fluid reservoir and how you would check the level?
  • Answer-open bonnet identify brake fluid reservoir and min/max markers on side. CAUTION DO NOT TOUCH OR OPEN IF HOT!
  • 5. Tell me how you would check the indicators are working?
  • Answer- operate hazard lights or indicators and walk around car to check all 6 are working. You may need to turn ignition on.
  • 6.Tell me how you would check the headlights and taillights are working?
  • Answer- turn on lights(dipped beam) and check front and back.
  • 7. Tell me how you would check brake lights are working?
  • Answer – apply footbrake (the examiner will get out and check while you apply footbrake) You may need to turn ignition on.
  • 8. Tell me how you would check brakes are working before starting a journey?
  • Answer- move off slowly and apply brakes, should feel firm not spongy or slack.
  • 9. Tell me where you would find information for recommended tyre pressure, and how would you check them?
  • Answer-The information will be in car handbook, or inside drivers door or fuel cap. The tyres should be checked when cold with a reliable pressure gauge.
  • 1o.Tell me how you would check the tyres for sufficient tread depth and general condition?
  • Answer- The tyres should have a minimum of 1.6mm across the central three quarters of breadth, all the way around the tyre. There should be no cuts, bulges or damage to the side wall.
  • 11.Tell me how you would make sure your head restraint is correctly adjusted?
  • Answer- the solid part of the head restraint should be level with the ears and eyes to provide maximum support.
  • 12. Tell me how you would switch you main beam on and how you would know it was on?
  • Answer- Switch on lights, operate main beam switch. A blue light will come on the dashboard. You may need to switch on ignition.
  • 13. Tell me how you would know there is a problem with the ABS (anti-lock braking)?
  • Answer- A warning light will come on the dashboard.
  • 14. Tell me how you would switch on your rear fog lights, and when would you use them?
  • Answer -Switch on lights and rear fog lights. Should be used when visibility is less than 100 metres.

Please note Tell me questions are at the beginning of the test, show me question will be whilst driving. Please listen carefully to the driving examiner. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy we can not be held liable for any variations or changes. If you have any questions pleases ask your driving instructor.


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