When You Pass

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 After passing your driving test.

What now ? You are probably eager to get going and enjoy your freedom. You should be confident to  drive around town and short journeys, you may even be confident enough to go further a field. It is a good idea to get used to the car you will be driving. The clutch, brakes and steering will probably feel different to your driving school car. Also controls such has lights, wipers and indicators maybe in a different place.

 Preparing for longer Journeys.

The road trip ! Be prepared check fuel, tyres, oil, windscreen wash etc. Know your route. Have fun, but stay alert. This will probably be the first journey  where you may drive for more than a couple of hours, so plan in some breaks. You will probably find yourself driving on Motorways and night driving.

Motorway Driving.

If you have never driven on a Motorway you may want to consider a Motorway driving lesson. Here is some advice for driving on Motorways:

  • Use all the slip road and build a good speed to match the road you are joining.
  • Keep a good distance from the car in front ( 2 second rule).
  • Make good use of mirrors when changing lanes.
  • Plan well ahead.
  • Stay left unless overtaking don’t hog middle lane.
  • Leave plenty of time to get in correct lane when exiting.
  • Keep a good look out for signs warnings, changes in speed limits and information.
  • When you have left the Motorway, remember new speed limits.
  • If you breakdown use hard shoulder. It is safer to wait outside of car well away from traffic.
  • Consider doing a few short Motorway journeys to get used to it.

Night Driving. At some point you will probably find yourself driving at night , this might be something you never experienced with your driving instructor. you may want to consider a night time driving lesson. Here is some advice for driving in the dark:

  • Remember where your light switch and main beam are, and check they are working.
  • Use main beam when needed, but remember to flick it off for other traffic.
  • Use anti dazzle switch on your mirror if being dazzled from behind.
  • Consider where parking, you don’t want to return to an empty car park late at night.
  • Be extra vigilant for pedestrians who may be harder to see.

Extra driving Lessons.

Drivetime. Driving School Folkestone | Driving Instructor Folkestone.  Driving lessons for people who have already passed their driving test:

  • Motorway driving lessons.
  • Night driving lessons.
  • Refresher driving lessons.
  • Confidence building driving lessons.


  • 1 hour lesson £32.
  •  2hour lesson £60.

Pass Plus 6 hours of driving lessons including:

  • Motorways.
  • Dual carriage ways.
  • Town driving.
  • Night driving.
  • Rural driving.
  • Bad weather driving.

At the end you will receive a certificate from the DVSA which might help reduce your insurance premiums.


  • Pass plus £200 6 hours.
  • Extra hours £35.




For more information on advanced driving courses and techniques:


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Driving school Folkestone |Driving instructor Folkestone

Drivetime Driving School Folkestone | Driving Instructor Folkestone